In new installations, the overall strength and size of confining equipment can be reduced not only because Carbonite is half the weight of sand, but because its porosity and capacity are twice that of sand. The lightweight feature is also very important when figuring backwash velocities and volume. The angular fracture and slightly varying specific gravities make for longer filter runs. The varying gravities prevent a classification of particles and therefore there is less compacting of media which allows the entire depth of a Carbonite bed to participate in the filtering operations. The features add up to much longer filter runs, less backwash velocity and volume, less out-of-service time, lower maintenance, and the effluent shows far better tubidity and bacterial removal.

Being 96% Carbon (based on Moisture-Ash free analysis) and highly applicable to the removal of Iron and Manganese salt. These salts adhere very loosly to the angular Carbonite particles and provide an easy backwash. All encrustations including lime cementation and grease accumlations are held less tenaciously. There is no tendency for coating build-up and possible objectionable biochemical growth.

Physical Properties

Carbonite Anthracite Filter Media is scrupulously selected from one particular Anthracite vein which yields the highest percentage of Carbon. It is then hydraulically classified to reduce mineral matter and ash to a minimum.

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Advantages Of Carbonite

Carbonite Anthracite Filter Media can be used in any application where sand and gravel are being used. Its superior properties, primarily particle size, weight, shape and neutrality make it far more economical to use.

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Pollution Control Studies

Studies made by the U.S. Government Services indicate that Anthracite filter beds have higher efficiency than those of sand or gravel in the removal of both phosphates and detergents.

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Carbonite Sizes

Effective sizes from a .80mm to a 1.9mm, with a uniformity coefficient of 1.65 or less and effective sizes from a .80mm to a 2.2mm, with a uniformity coefficient of 1.50 or less can be supplied within the range of plus or minus .05mm.

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Carbonite vs. Sand

Anthracite filtration media, with far greater surface has much greater entrapping ability than sand in removal of turbidity and bacteria.

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Quality Control & Packaging

Carbonite is packaged in 52 pound linear low-density polyethylene bags, each containing one cubic foot.

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